10 things I would like to do when we return to Sydney

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Our recent trip to Sydney was only 3 days which is definitely not enough. When we left I found myself mentally compiling a list of things I would like to return to do in the future. Here it is:

  1. Eat at Chinatown – I have done this before and been impressed but was disappointed that we never had the chance to go there on our recent trip. Chinatown always offers incredible value for money and if you follow the crowds you are guaranteed to eat delicious Chinese food.
  2. Visit Taronga Zoo – I am usually not a big Zoo person, but I have heard good things about Taronga Zoo. Apparently the Zoo is well maintained and the animals are well cared for. Combine this with Sydney Harbour glimpses, the fact that I have a four year old and the journey to the Zoo can be made by Ferry and it seems like a winning combination.
  3. Spend a full day in the Botanic gardens – we did a quick motorised train ride through the Botanic Gardens on our recent trip and I was impressed with how much there was to see, as well as the number of exhibits and special events that were there. I am sure that you could fill a whole day exploring the gardens and it would also provide the opportunity to rest and relax with a picnic in the beautiful surrounds.
  4. Watch a show at the Sydney Opera House – I would love to watch a concert at the Sydney Opera House and was looking at the line up on our recent trip, but it would have had to have been 4 year old friendly, so we decided to leave it for another day. What would make this an even better experience is if the act was an incredible local act that I love anyway.
  5. Walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge – The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is definitely not for me, and I have driven across the Harbour Bridge in the past but I haven’t walked across it yet, so that is on the list for the next visit.
  6. Spend a day taking photos of the architecture – Sydney is full of beautiful, varied and interesting architecture. When we were walking around the city I found myself continually looking up fascinated by architectural features. On one of the days I thought I would really like to take lots of photos of the buildings, but it was a week day and all the important Sydney people were rushing around. I felt like I would be a nuisance and be getting in their busy way. When we return to Sydney I will put aside a Sunday to dawdle around and stop in inconvenient places to catch all the architectural glory on camera.
  7. Stay in the inner city suburbs – This trip we stayed in Darling Harbour. It was a great location for a short 3 night trip, but I couldn’t shake the feeling we were missing something. Next time we return I would like to stay in one of the inner city suburbs. I imagine doing brunch like a local before window shopping at all the trendy stores.
  8. Visit Cockatoo Island – Located in Darling Harbour, Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage listed Island that you can access by ferry. It is an important historical site that would be interesting to explore. At least a full day would need to be set aside, but if I had time I would love to stay overnight in one of their varied accommodation options.
  9. Catch the ferry to Manly – Considered by many to be the best value tourist trip in Sydney. For the price of public transport you can sail through the harbour past the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge and all the way to the beach side suburb of Manly. I have been there and done it once before but I would love to do it again.

10   Vivid Festival – We missed Vivid on this trip by 1 week. While we were there the preparations for Vivid were everywhere. Vivid is a huge festival which last for a few weeks beginning at the end of May each year. Seeing all the preparations, I felt like we were missing out on something special and I would love to return when the festival is in full swing.

Sydney is a city that could keep you busy for a lifetime so it is impossible to try and squeeze it into a few days. To do everything on the list above I think I would need at least another 10 days there as so many of the options could easily fill a whole day! I guess the trick is to prioritise and fill the time you do have with the things that you love.

What else have I missed? What do you love most about Sydney? What is on your list?

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