Western Australia’s Wildflower Season

I always have my eyes open for wildflowers. Sometimes I will be driving down the freeway and will spot some colour in the trees up ahead. As I come closer I eagerly glance out the window to view the wildflowers and realise that it is a plastic bag or a bit of colourful rubbish. Oh well, more often than not it is a wildflower. There are so many here it is no wonder my mind has been conditioned to seeing them everywhere.


Western Australia has over 12000 species of wildflowers. Flowers bloom through the state almost the whole year through but the best months to find wildflowers are August September and October. It is these months of the year that you can spot fields of wildflowers staining whole landscapes pink, yellow or purple or delicate and unique orchids hidden among the green. One of the Noongar’s six seasons is known as Kambarang – the big flowering. It is a time that I look forward to each year. There are many different ways to enjoy this season. I have listed 5 suggestions below:

  1. Kings park  – The month of September is given over to The Kings Park festival. There are many events to enjoy throughout the month and they offer free guided walks throughout the park, including one that is wildflower specific. Kings Park is the best way to see the enormous variety of wildflowers that we have in Western Australia as wildflowers from all over the state can be found there.
  2. John Forrest National Park – You are sure to spot wildflowers on any walk through John Forrest National Park at this time of year, however it is a great idea to combine a wildflower walk with a view of the waterfall as after the rains is when it is at its best.
  3. Eneabba – Western Flora Caravan Park – Eneabba, located 3 hours north of Perth is known as Wildflower country. There are many accommodation options but we found ourselves last year at Western Flora Caravan Park. They offer free wildflower guided tours every day during September and the accommodation was lovely (we stayed in one of their villas but would like to return to their camp grounds). They also have a lake with a bird hide and a list of the many varieties of bird life seen there over the years.
  4. Kalbarri national park – is a little further away but is well worth the trip. Being that little bit further north means that there are different varieties of wildflowers to be seen and since you are in the area you may as well do a little snorkelling as well!
  5.  Road stops and road reserves – Wildflowers are everywhere at this time of year including the side of the road and in many road stops. If you don’t have time to go on a wildflower hunting trip all you need to do is keep your eyes open and you will begin to see them everywhere.033056058035
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