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The 20 Best Holiday Destinations in Australia

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This list has been compiled by 20 Travel Bloggers who are experts on travel in Australia. Each one has selected their favourite destination in Australia and given you their reason why they love it so much.

If you are wondering where you should be traveling to in Australia, or what the must-see destinations are, then you can use this as a guide to ensure you get the best out of your next Australian holiday!

*This list has been compiled in no particular order*

The Gemfields, Central Queensland

Submitted By: Emma from My Rig Adventures

Emma and her family at the top of an extinct volcano (Policeman's Knob) in The Gemfields.
Emma and her family at the top of an extinct volcano (Policeman’s Knob) in The Gemfields.

During our twelve months of travels so far we found a real hidden gem nestled in Central Queensland.  Some may have heard of the little communities named Rubyvale and Sapphire, but together they encompass a
region known as The Gemfields. 

What began as a couple of days passing through, turned into six weeks of, you guessed it, Sapphire Fossicking! The hunt quickly becomes addictive and we walked away with lots of gorgeous little treasures, although unfortunately we didn’t strike it rich. 

The kids learnt a great deal during our stay in a local no-frills style camp
ground and we’ve all collected lifelong memories and experiences.

My Rig Adventures has created a complete Guide to Fossiking in the Gemfields on their website if you would like to find out more.

Esperance in Western Australia

Submitted by: Roxanne from The Coastal Campaign

Feeding a Kangaroo at Lucky Bay
Feeding a kangaroo at Lucky Bay

Tucked away on the south coast of Western Australia is the amazing town of Esperance.

This town is home to some of the most incredible beaches in the world. Whether you visit Lucky Bay and mingle with the local kangaroos, nearby Duke of Orleans Bay for a surf or Twilight Beach for some cliff jumping, the neighbouring beaches all boast incredible white sand and have the most amazing crystal clear water that has to be seen to be believed.

Esperance is a mecca for beach lovers, just beware that every beach you come across after visiting here may pale in comparison. 

You can follow along on Roxanne’s adventures through her Instagram page.

Uluru, Northern Territory

Submitted by: Michael from A Big Peachey Adventure

Michael and Natalie Peachey at Uluru
Michael and Natalie from A Big Peachey Adventure standing in front of Uluru

Uluru is an amazing combination of natural beauty and culture. Pictures do not do it justice; the size of Uluru creates its own beauty… this is made even better by its changing colours!

When you walk around its base and read about its history, even just the way it was used practically by the Anangu people is amazing. Uluru is not an easy place to get to, and this just adds to its significance… you will never forget your visit.

A Big Peachey Adventure has created a guide with 10 Tips to Help You Plan Your Trip to Uluru if you would like some more information.

The Gold Coast in Queensland

Submitted by: Melissa from Thrifty Family Travels

A beautiful beach on the Gold Coast
One of the beautiful beaches on the Gold Coast

With around 300 days of sunshine per year the Gold Coast is an awesome spot to visit in Australia.  The summer months are super-hot which is a great time to go swimming in one of the many stunning beaches, whilst the winter months are perfect for long walks on one the numerous hinterland walks. 

If you have kids or are a kid at heart, then you must come and visit one of
the famous Gold Coast theme parks.  Choose from Dreamworld, Sea World, Movie World or the water parks. Or grab a combined pass and visit a few over multiple days.

If you are planning a trip to the Gold Coast check out Melissa’s post on Family Holidays on the Gold Coast. Or join her Facebook Group for more ideas.

Tarkine on Tasmania’s West Coast

Submitted by: Annie from Four Hands in a Tin Can

Trowutta Arch on the Tarkine
Trowutta Arch on the Tarkine

The Tarkine, on the West Coast of Tasmania is an area that is wild, scenic and untouched in many ways. 

It is an area where there are sink holes, rushing rivers, and Jurassic type ferns, tall trees and so much more. 

It is truly one part of Australia that needs to be experienced, admired and treasured.

For more information on the Tarkine area in Tasmania, check out Four Hands in a Tin Can post on The Tarkine Drive.

Julia Creek in Queensland

Submitted by: Skye from Our Lap of a Lifetime

The outback baths in Julia Creek
Having a soak in the outback baths in Julia Creek

Julia Creek is a small country town in outback Queensland that offers visitors some very unique experiences. The most popular being a soak in the outback baths whilst enjoying a locally-supplied cheese platter.

We also enjoyed visiting the Visitor’s Information Centre where we were fortunate enough to see the local dunnart being hand-fed and learnt first hand about the Great Artesian Basin and why it is so important to towns such as this one.

The local caravan park offers their guests free bicycle hire and free entry to the local pool. It is definitely one to add to your bucket list! 

You can follow Our Lap of a Lifetime on Facebook by following this link.

Rottnest Island in Western Australia

Submitted by: Jackie from Life of Doing

A Quokka on Rottnest Island
A Quokka on Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island (aka Rotto) is the perfect day trip to take when you’re in Perth.

This small yet picturesque island has activities for all types of travelers. Whether you want to relax on 60+ stunning beaches, snorkel and swim, cycle around the island, or observe the pink lakes, the opportunities are endless.

Rottnest Island is also the hot spot to find the super cute quokkas, small marsupials, and take selfie photos with them.

Magnetic Island, Townsville in QLD

Submitted by: Jan from Budget Travel Talk

A koala in a tree at Magnetic Island
A koala in a tree at Magnetic Island

Fifteen minutes on a fast catamaran will transport you to chilled Magnetic Island out from Townsville in North Queensland. Maggie leads a double life, being both a convenient suburb for Townsville workers and a delightfully under the radar holiday destination, for those in the know.

A week spent idling beachside beneath the She-Oak trees, works wonders on stress levels, or become one with nature on a koala-spotting walk through the National Park.

Climb on-board the island bus, or in true island fashion hire a topless car or scooter and zip bay to bay without a care in the world.

When it’s cold down south, Magnetic Island is the perfect place to be.

Lake Ballard in Outback WA

Submitted by: Leanne from Cake and Eat it 3

One of the sculptures at Lake Ballard
One of the sculptures at Lake Ballard

Lake Ballard is a vast salt lake over 70 miles long and 30 miles wide in
the middle of the Yilgarn Craton, one of the oldest bits of the surface of the earth – between 2.9 – 3.5 billion years old. 

This amazing landscape is home to an outdoor sculpture exhibition, ‘Inside Australia’ by renowned sculptor Antony Gormley. Walk along the salt flats meeting the sculptures that are laser scans of real residents of Menzies, scanned by Antony for his outdoor gallery. 

Such a unique landscape and only 200km from Kalgoorlie and part of the Golden Quest Discovery Trail.

For more information, check out the Cake and Eat it 3’s post on Camping at Lake Ballard.

Melbourne, Victoria

Submitted by: Raghav from Ticker Eats the World

Hardware Lane in Melbourne
Photo of Hardware Lane in Melbourne. Courtesy of Steven Groeneveld.

Melbourne epitomises the perfect metropolitan city. During my time spent there, I discovered that is the true amalgamation of cultures and traditions from across the world reflected through its sights, sounds, smells, and people that live and work there.

Whether it is about having a delicious authentic meal in Chinatown, laughing my way home from the annual Comedy Festival or trying to see if lady luck was on my side at Crown casino, there’s so much to do here, bundled up in a cute little package, that it is impossible not to fall in love with Melbourne.

Raghav writes about the memories he made in Melbourne in his post Remembering Melbourne Australia.

Geraldton in Western Australia

Submitted by: Ioana from The World is my Playground

The beach in Geraldton
The beach in Geraldton

Geraldton was the biggest surprise for me and it captured my heart as soon
as I got there. The city somehow manages to give off a chill vibe while having a very eclectic and fun personality.

From various water sports to historical monuments, and street art to explore, there’s never a dull moment. Unless, of course, you want to lounge on one of its perfect beaches with dreamy shades of blue and milky white sand.

You can follow Ioana’s adventures via her Facebook page.

The Gippsland Lakes in Victoria

Submitted by: Mark from Wyld Family Travel

Lakes Entrance
Lakes Entrance

The Gippsland Lakes are the largest inland lakes system in Australia. They are very popular in the Victorian summer when the sun starts to shine and the waters warm up. The 4 main towns on the Gippsland lakes are Lakes Entrance, Paynesville, Metung and Loch Sport.

Lakes Entrance is well known as the capital of the Gippsland Lakes. It is your typical tourist town with hotels, caravan parks, mini golf and ice cream parlours. From Lakes Entrance you can have fun fishing on the 90 mile beach or in the lakes system by boat or just off the jetties around town.

Paynesville has direct access to Raymond Island and it’s popular Koala walking trail. Metung is great for yachting and relaxing at its famous pub.

There is something for everyone on the Gippsland Lakes.

There is more information on the area in Mark’s post on Towns on the Gippsland Lakes.

The Bunya Mountains in Queensland

Submitted by: Stacey from Adventure By 3

Looking over the Bunya Mountains
The Bunya Mountains

The tranquil Bunya Mountains are the remains of an ancient volcano, which is now covered in rainforest, including the distinctive Bunya Pine.

We love hiring one of the many holiday homes available and spending time together over board games and hot chocolate after a big day of exploring the walking tracks.

A highlight is the wild parrots that will come for a visit while you sit out on the verandah of your holiday house, and the dozens of wallabies grazing nearby.

For more information, visit Adventure by 3’s post on Visiting the Bunya Mountains.

The Daintree in Tropical North QLD

Submitted by: Bryony from Coasting Australia 

Where the Ocean meets the rainforest.
Where the ocean meets the rainforest.

The Daintree is such a magical place, it’s the perfect spot for a family adventure. Located two hours north of Cairns along one of the most beautiful coastal drives in Australia, the Daintree region is a unique spot where World Heritage Listed rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef.

The rainforest itself is over 150 million years old, and dinosaurs once walked the land here. You can follow their prehistoric trail at the Daintree Discovery Centre – a great place to start your visit to find out all about the flora, fauna, history and culture of the region.

From stunning beaches to beautiful bush walks, it’s all about being out in nature. You might even spot a cassowary while exploring. If you feel like a swim just make sure you cool off in one of the swimming holes, crocs and stingers like to patrol the waters along the coastline!

Noosa in Queensland

Submitted by: Karen from Smart Steps to Australia

Looking down at a beach in Noosa.
Beautiful Noosa

My favourite destination in Australia is Noosa. It is a place that I want to move one day.

The beaches are spectacular, it has fabulous shopping opportunities on Hastings St, and there is so much to do from beach driving to bike riding and hiking. You can decide whether you want to be immersed in the bustling centre, paddle a canoe in the Noosa Everglades or get away from it all in the National Park. There is so much to do in Noosa.

Smart Steps to Australia is a magazine-style blog that helps families move to Australia to enjoy the travel and lifestyle opportunities
on offer.

The Margaret River Region in WA

Submitted by: Kezzy from So Today We Found

A view over the ocean from the Cape to Cape track
A view from the Cape to Cape track

It honestly just has so much to do! There are so many wineries and breweries scattered around the area, and the beaches are beautiful.

There is Hamelin Bay, where you can paddle with giant wild stingrays, and the Cape to Cape walking track which offers some incredible views out to sea from the coastal path. The area has some amazing caves too, some of which are open to the public to visit.

The vibe of the place is so relaxed, with a small town feel without being too isolated. We spent three months there and fell in love with the region!

You can follow Kezzy and her adventures on her Instagram page.

Cape York in Queensland

Submitted by: Sophie Marie from Lifestyle Queensland

What a view!
What a view!

If you are looking to get off the beaten track, and experience somewhere most travelers don’t get to, a visit to Cape York is a must! You’ll need a
4wd because the journey up to Far North Queensland is an adventure in itself.

Once you get there the rewards are immediate, dirt roads turn to lush
tropical rainforest which leads to some of the last untouched coastline and
reef Australia has to offer!

The area is home to many small indigenous communities, like Lockhart River where I currently live, and each one is packed with heaps of unique,
cultural experiences.

You can follow Lifestyle Queensland on Pinterest.

Lake Argyle in Western Australia

Submitted by: Steve from Expedition Australia

A boat on Lake Argyle
Beautiful Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle is Australia’s largest man-made lake and also one of my favourite family places to visit and explore.

The Lake Argyle Resort and Caravan Park is situated right on the edge of the lake. With acres of grass, shady trees, infinity pool, epic views of the lake, bar & restaurant, it’s the perfect base camp for an East Kimberley adventure.

Check out Expedition Australia’s post on Where to Stay and What to Do at Lake Argyle if you want more information.

Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland

Submitted by: Emma from Our Wayfaring Life

Aboriginal rock art at Carnarvon Gorge
Aboriginal rock art at Carnarvon Gorge

Located in the Carnarvon Gorge National Park 600 km northwest of Brisbane, the Carnarvon Gorge is millions of years old. It has towering colourful sandstone cliffs, breathtaking natural beauty and Aboriginal Art dating back thousands of years.

A haven in the Queensland Central Highlands, the gorge has numerous walking trails to many of the natural sites including waterholes, an amphitheatre and waterfalls as well as sites of cultural significance.

It took seeing a few photos to convince us to visit the gorge and spend three days walking its trail but a photo pales in significance to seeing it for yourself.

For more information check out Our Wayfaring Life’s post on Carnarvon National Park.

Shark Bay, Western Australia

Submitted by: Me! Rochelle from Love Family Life Travel

The incredible colours of Shark Bay
The incredible colours of Shark Bay

Shark Bay is a World Heritage listed area which has so much incredible natural beauty on offer. It is a peninsula off the west coast of Australia in the Gascoyne region.

Most people think of Monkey Mia when they hear about Shark Bay, but Monkey Mia is only one tiny part of the region. The peninsula has incredible beaches on both sides and it is one of the few places in Australia that you can watch the sun rise and set over the water.

One of my favourite things about the area is its incredible colours. The deep red dirt meets soft white sand meets crystal clear blue water. It is just beautiful.

So there you have it. The Top 20 destinations in Australia to add to your bucket list. Australia is full of incredible places to see, so please add your contribution in the comments if you think we have missed one out.

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20 travel bloggers who are experts on travel in Australia have collaborated and decided on the best destinations in Australia. Click through to see where they chose and why.

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