Lesmurdie Falls

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We didn’t have a location in mind when we hopped in the car. We had a spare afternoon, and sure, I could have filled the time with washing and vacuuming but it was wildflower season and I was desperate to see some blooms. We live in the Perth Hills in the shire of Mundaring and we drove through Kalamunda towards Armadale and Pickering Brook. All the stone fruit farms were a sight to see – endless pink and white flowers covering otherwise bare branches, backed by the green darling scarp rising behind them. I made Rick stop so I could take some photos but I was getting annoyed because I just couldn’t capture the beauty on film.

Stone fruit flowers blooming pink on bare branches

Somehow we ended up in Lesmurdie Falls. There were lots of people there. Some were definitely locals – just out to give their dog an afternoon walk, and some were tourists in full hiking kit. We did two of the short walks, which took us a long time because we were trailing a two year old.

Rick and Em on the Cascade walking trail

We started with the Cascade trail which was only a 300m walk. Even though it is a very small waterfall it is extremely beautiful. It would be a lovely spot to have a picnic on a warm spring day and dip your feet in the stream. I could easily picture myself sitting on its banks for hours with a bunch of friends and a bottle of wine. (On a warm summers day the water probably doesn’t flow as freely so may not be as good, but I will have a look at another time and report back my findings).

The beautiful creek at cascade falls
some interesting rocks

We then did the Lesmurdie Falls trail which offers full city views as you walk alongside the larger waterfall. Half way down, Em decided she wanted to be a dog, got on her hands and knees, stuck her tongue out and became very difficult to move along. A young couple walked by and the guy was having a good laugh at her – fair enough mate, I had a bit of a laugh too– what else can you do, but I reckon one day that fella will also have to deal with a two year old.

So the whole reason we had hopped in the car was to go and see some wildflowers and there were plenty there. That may have been another reason that the two short walks took us a couple of hours as I kept stopping to take photos. Most of the flowers were ones that I have seen before, but I’m not too fussy when it comes to wildflowers – they all excite me – and I am lucky enough to live in one of the best places in the world for wildflowers. The Noongar (Aboriginal people from this area) include it as one of their 6 seasons. Kambarang is ‘The Big Flowering’ and my favourite time of year.

some beautiful wildflowers at Lesmurdie Falls
some beautiful wildflowers at Lesmurdie Falls
some beautiful wildflowers at Lesmurdie Falls

Lesmurdie Falls is definitely worth a visit, especially in wildflower season (August / September) when the falls have a good flow happening and the flowers are blooming, but I suspect that it has something to offer at all times of year and since we are not too far away, I’m going to keep this one in mind for another day.

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