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Packing Up is Hard To Do – Week 1

I had done so much reading and research on preparing for our big lap, but nothing could prepare us for how stressful it was. The last month before we left was insane. We had so much to do. We were busy all the time. It would have been stressful anyway and then I had the added hindrance of a moon boot on my foot.

While I was in the middle of all that stress and busyness, I just kept focusing on the leaving date. Soon, all the stress would be behind us and we would be on the road. And, of course, we did make it. Our house is now completely empty ready for the new tenants to move in and I am writing this under the blankets in our camper trailer in Kalgoorlie.

The Departure is Delayed.

Our leaving date was the first day of the school holidays – a Saturday. We had been sleeping on a fold-out couch which I had arranged to be picked up on the day we were leaving. Luckily, they never arrived to pick up the couch, because we were nowhere near ready to depart.

El Enrique had been huffing and puffing all morning and grumbling about how much he still had to do. For the last month he kept telling me to ‘relax, I will do it next week. We have plenty of time.’ So, I had great pleasure in saying to him, ‘relax, you’re the one that wanted to leave it all to the last minute.’ Oh the joys of I told you so!

About 1pm, Little Lala and I went out to see how he was going. We were making jokes and laughing and I said, I don’t think we are leaving today, hahahaha (I was a bit hysterical….still stressed). When I said that I saw the stress immediately melt away from El Enrique, but Little Lala started to cry. She was cheered up when one of her cousins dropped in to visit so it was all good.

The Actual Departure

The next day we got up and did the last few things. Our car was full of stuff (seriously, it was chockers!). We knew we had too much stuff but we just had to get on the road. After a final walk through the house and garden, we finally jumped in the car.

Lala hugging a tree in our garden to say goodbye.
Lala hugging a tree in our garden – saying goodbye on our last walk around the house.

We had a couple of last stops before we hit the highway. Little Lala had broken every single one of our plates and bowls while she was “helping” to pack. So we had to stop and buy some new ones.

 And then we went to El Enrique’s sister’s house to drop off a couple of last things and say goodbye to our family.

Saying goodbye to our family as we pulled off.
See you in a year or two!!

It was 2pm before we finally hit the road! Doesn’t matter. We made it, we were finally on our way.

And we are off...
And we are off. (About bloody time!)


We dove 80km down the road to Meckering where we set up our first camp. The Shire has a great little donation camp that we stopped at with heaps to see and do in the one little spot.

We enjoyed all the displays on the earthquake in Meckering and started our homeschooling activities straight away. But really, the whole stop was just about sorting some of our stuff out.

Meckering earthquake display

We pulled everything out of the car, threw a couple of things away and shuffled things about until we were marginally happier.

Late to hit the road again, we were heading to Kalgoorlie where our adventures would really begin.

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