Explore the Swan River in Rivervale

We recently spent a few hours on the Rivervale foreshore of the Swan River. There was so much there to see and do.

We had a great time exploring the area. It prompted me to start a series: Explore the Swan River.

In the Swan River series, I will look at what there is to explore in the different neighbourhoods of the river.


We drive past this portion of the Swan River regularly. It is located right beside the Great Eastern Highway.

From the road we have seen glimpses of a few things but we were surprised by exactly how much there was to see and do in the area.

Amenities galore

The area is perfect for picnics as there is park land with playgrounds and toilets. There are also barbeques, toilets, walk and bike paths.

There is a Boat ramp right next to the car park which has parking bays for normal vehicles as well as vehicles towing trailers.

There is also a Jetty for those who don’t have a boat but still wish to fish.


These is a traditional playground for kids with a slide and climbing ropes etc. It looks like they are doing a bit of work around the area at the moment, but the playground is still fully accessible.

There is also a Nature playground a little bit further up. Em turned the nature playground in into an ‘Obstacle course’ which was lots of fun.

There was also an exercise area – which is like a play ground for grown ups, right?

Wildlife habitat

There is a printed sign on the footpath telling you to look up as the trees provide habitat for Microbats. We looked, but couldn’t see any.

The surrounding area also provides wildlife for Hugo the Rooster. I just love his story.

A local had printed up and posted some A4 sheets of paper telling his story.

Apparently Hugo has lived on the river bank for quite some time. The local council decided to recently send some council workers to round Hugo up and get rid of him.

Ok, ready… fire your imaginations up. Hugo ran around dashing in the undergrowth and slipping through their fingers. After several hours of trying to catch him, the council workers left defeated.

Can you picture them running around chasing a chicken?

Hugo still lives in scrub and a local has put these posters up asking people to contact the local council in support of Hugo. What a great story.


The Doll house used to be demo for brisbane bricks and is now a heritage listed little cottage. You can’t acess the cottage but there is a sign explaining the significance and the history.

There are also a few signs dotted around with the history of the local area. If you know the area at all then this will explain quite a few of the street names.

Meditation Walk

There is a lovely walk with a Japanese theme. There are some lovely path ways created. And some doorways with haiku poems printed in to the wood.

Local Area

There are also a few hotels, restaurants and cafes in the vicinity and the iFly indoor skydiving is located just across the road.

As you can see there is plenty to keep you occupied for a few hours, or more. I was so pleased with our outing and am looking forward to more explorations of the Swan River.

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