Bright Pink Maleleuca and tiny white widlflowers growing beside each other

7 of the Best Ways to See Wildflowers in Western Australia

I always have my eyes open for wildflowers. I get a little rush of excitement when I see a burst of colour ahead of me. Even the common ones excite me. There are over 12000 species of Wildflowers in Western Australia and flowers bloom through the state for most of the year.

Red, blue and white widflowers growing beside each other

There is a particular time of year though, that flowers stain whole landscapes pink, yellow or purple. People head out on bushwalks hunting for delicate rare hidden orchids. The grey nomads fill the free camps. There is a buzz in town when the flowers bloom.

If you are interested in seeing Western Australia’s incredible wildflowers for yourself, you have lots of options to choose from. I have compiled all the information that you need in this post to get a flower fix.


Kambarang is one of the Noongar people’s Six Seasons. According to the local Aboriginal people, Kambarang is the height of the Wildflower season. The Noongar Seasons do not follow a ‘scheduled pattern’, rather the start of each new season takes it’s cue from what is happening in Nature. Kambarang is my favourite time of year.

Wildflower Season Dates

Flowers bloom through the state almost the whole year through but the best months to find wildflowers are August, September and October. If the rains have been heavy and started early, the season can begin as early as late June. If you are further South in the state there is still a profusion of wildflowers in November.

Perth Wildflower Festival

Kings park is the best way to see the enormous variety of wildflowers that we have in Western Australia as wildflowers from all over the state can be found there. The month of September is given over to The Kings Park festival which features many events and free guided walks, including one that is wildflower specific.

An orange sweetpea flower

Wildflowers Near Perth

There are plenty of options for viewing wildflowers that are close to Perth. Here are three of the best.

a profusion of white wildflowers

John Forrest National Park

You are sure to spot wildflowers on any walk through John Forrest National Park. There is a 4.5km loop wildflower walk which is recommended to spot a variety of wildflowers. John Forrest NP is also famous for its variety of orchids so keep your eyes peeled for these beautiful flowers on the walk. There is an entrance fee of $13 per vehicle for this National Park.

A cowslip orchid

Lesmurdie Falls

Lesmurdie Falls has a huge variety of shrub like wildflowers situated near to the waterfall. There are a few different walk trail options and plenty of opportunities for a picnic while you are at it. This is my pick if you have young children with you as the trails are short and easy to navigate.

a purple flower

Road Stops and Road Reserves

Wildflowers really are everywhere at this time of year including the side of the road and in many road stops. If you don’t have time to go on a wildflower hunt, all you need to do is keep your eyes open and you will begin to see them everywhere.

The Best Wildflowers in Western Australia

There are a few locations that are particularly outstanding for wildflowers in WA. If you want to travel to see something different, but are not sure which direction to head in. Use this list to help you narrow it down.


About three hours north of Perth, in Eneabba, is Western Flora Caravan Park. There is not much in Eneabba, besides wildflowers at the right time of year. In fact, the whole area is known as Wildflower country. Western Flora Caravan Park offers free wildflower guided tours every day during September and they have a variety of accommodation. When we stayed in one of their villas it was decorated with beautiful photos of their incredible wildflowers. There is also free camping nearby which fills out at the right time of year.

smokebush is common near Eneabba

Kalbarri National Park

The six hour drive north to get to Kalbarri National Park is worth every minute. Being that little bit further north means that there are different varieties of wildflowers to be seen. An entry fee of $13 per vehicle also applies to this National Park. The entrance to the National Park is close to the highway so you can stop in on your way into town. The National Park boundary goes right up to the Great Northern Highway so countless wildflowers can be seen from your car as you drive past.

A shrub full of colourful wildflowers

Fitzgerald River National Park

Located on the southern coast of WA, Fitzgerald River National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is recognised as one of the most botanically significant places in the world. This biodiversity hotspot has 75 plants that are found nowhere else in the world and 250 more that are considered rare. It will take you just over 5 hours to get there from Perth and is best from mid September through to November. National Park entry fees apply.

A dryandra flower about to open

If you love wildflowers, Western Australia will not disappoint – no matter which part of the state you end up in. So many of the flowers are unique due to the vast desert that separates the West from the rest of the country.

I hope you take the time to explore and enjoy every single burst of colour. If you can, hunt for the small and rare orchids. Even the common Cowslip Orchids are a sight to see. Seek out the vast fields of Everlastings and marvel at their papery flowers. Look for wildflowers in trees, shrubs, grasses and hidden among rocks. At the very least, keep your eyes peeled as you drive down the highways and freeways and see how many different varieties you can spot.

a common pink wildflower that grows among the grass

Enjoy Kambarang – The Big Flowering – my favourite time of year!

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