Having fun feeding the animals

Family Fun at Willowbrook Farm

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Located in Gin Gin, Willowbrook Farm is nice and close to Perth and is easy to get to for a short weekend away. It is also close to Guilderton and Indian Ocean Drive. It is an option for an overnight stay if you are driving between Perth and Geraldton as Gin Gin Brook Road is the shortest way to get from the Brand Highway to the Indian Ocean Drive if you are heading north.

We went with the extended family for a long weekend. It was one of our first trips with our camper trailer.

Setting up camp at Willowbrook Farm

The Hobby Farm and Animals at Willowbrook Farm

The kids absolutely loved staying at Willowbrook Farm. The main reason they loved it was having all the animals nearby.

The kids get to help feed the animals every evening. The owners ride in and ring a bell at about 5pm. All the animals know what time it is and they follow right behind. The food is handed out to the kids (and adults who want to have a go as well) and then it is on for one and all.

They have sheep, cows, chickens and alpacas. It was lots of fun.

Lala feeding the sheep at Willowbrook Farm
You can see how much fun the kids are having by the look on their faces

The Camp Grounds at Willowbrook Farm

When we were there it was very hot. Our camp spot was in full sun, but luckily the grandparents had a nice shady spot so that is where we spent most of our time.

It can get a bit crowded and we found we were very close to our neighbours. Luckily the neighbours on one side were Lala’s cousins so we didn’t mind being close.

It was completely full when we were there, so another time you may find you have a bit more space.

The kids looking hot, sweaty and dirty at Willowbrook Farm
There is nothing wrong with a bit of dirt mixed with sweat, is there?

Between the 3 families we were accommodated with a caravan, camper trailer and a tent, so whatever set up you have will work.

They have both powered and unpowered sites available. It is best to call and book in advance.

Free Scones on Sunday Mornings

Adding to the charm of the farm was the free scones on Sunday morning. It seems to be a well known tradition and everyone knew exactly when to head over to the communal area to help themselves to free scones.

On the way home we stopped at the beach in Yanchep for a swim. It was the perfect way to end the weekend.

Em looking very pleased, just moments before a meltdown.
moments before the meltdown

Lala threw a massive tantrum when we said we had to go and we had to carry her back to the car kicking and screaming.

We had a great weekend and definitely recommend it for young kids.

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